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Welcome to my shop!

The Set-up is really where it's at. If you want your instrument to perform at its peak and be an ongoing source of inspiration and creativity, all of the issues, problems and adjustments need to be addressed at one time. That's why I include everything with my $100. Set-up. Fret Leveling & Dressing, Wiring Issues and Neck/Bridge/Nut/Tremelo Adjustments are all included! It takes the pain and trouble out of addressing each single issue and being charged separately for it!  

To Install Pick-ups, Re-fret, New Pots, New Jacks, Bone Nut, etc., there will be an additional charge but I'll let you know ahead of time.

Mikaleno's Guitar Set-ups is focused on providing high-quality service, fast turnaround times and customer satisfaction you can count on. I will do everything I can to meet and exceed your expectations time after time. I thoroughly inspect and play your instrument to be sure that your instrument is functioning the best it can. I'm sure you'll be happy you brought your instrument here!

If you have any questions about anything related to your instrument please call me. (323) 449-6218

Fret work is included with your set-up price!

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